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Managing stress & suffering with confidence

counseling in austinWhen you feel stuck, it can seem like there is nothing that will help; the intensity of your pain and suffering compounds itself by invading everyday thoughts. You may actually feel like giving up, or like you no longer care about people’s suffering, including your own.  “Compassion Fatigue” is a clear sign that it is time to take action.

18 years of post-graduate experience has taught me that telling people what to do is not always the best approach. Helping people learn how to deal with challenges using mindfulness and compassion works much better.  You’ll learn much more than how to handle only one situation; you’ll learn to handle almost any situation.

Counseling in Austin & Westlake since 1997

People look for a counselor that is:

  • Direct
  • Honest
  • Unbiased
  • Easy to relate to
  • Warm and intelligent

You have seen others benefit from their experiences in counseling, and since you’ve found your way here, you’re ready to experience it for yourself. Go ahead and give me a call and I’ll answer any questions you may have.
(512) 771-7621.

Meet the Therapy Dog, Buddy!

Counseling in Austin Tx - Jonathan F. Anderson, LPC-sBuddy is my amazing therapy dog! He helps people feel more at ease in my office. He is a calming force, but can be a clown when he sees that the mood needs to be lightened up a bit.  If he is not in “work” mode, he will likely come say hello, then go to sleep beside me. Please let me know if you are allergic to dogs.

My office is centrally located, in Westlake Hills, just minutes from both MoPac and 360 on Bee Caves Rd. I have limited weekend availability on Sunday afternoons. Sunday and late afternoon weekday spots book quickly, please call for availability. I am also available for on-site Critical Incident (Crisis/Trauma) responses. A fast response can be crucial.

Mindfulness Based Counseling in Austin

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Once you decide to come in, I will spend some time getting to know you and your situation. Questions are a normal part of the process, so please do not hesitate to ask; the more active you are, the more you will get from our time together.

Contact me at or (512) 771-7621.

For Hypnotherapy, please visit Jennifer has been counseling in Austin as Certified Hypnotherapist since 1994.

Be sure to check out my Psychology Today profile!

  • Optimism is a trait that is very susceptible to the practice effect; this means that the more you practice it, the better you get at it. When we cultivate an optimistic attitude, we are measurably more likely to see new opportunities. With optimism, we are also statistically more likely to act on those opportunities, and to act on them in a useful way (again, because of our healthy mind-set). The more often we seize opportunities for success in healthy ways, the more chances we have for success to manifest. And when we succeed, we get a biochemical and psychological reward in our brains that encourages us to continue practicing optimistic thinking and behavior.  ~ In a nutshell, the more you practice optimism, the better you get at it . . .the better you get at it, the more opportunities you see to put it to good use . . . the more you put it to good use, the more chances you have for things to go your way! That simple.–Jonathan F. Anderson LPC-s, Owner - The Gate

  • It is each individual’s responsibility to decide whether or not to follow though on behaviors that help, rather than hurt, the change they are looking for.  I tell people that the counseling is what happens in my office, but that the deeper therapy is what happens outside of my office . . . in the real world, where it really counts.–Jonathan F. Anderson LPC-s, Owner - The Gate

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