Professional Counseling Austin Tx


Counseling Austin Tx since 1997

  • Depression. Low energy. No motivation. Feeling stuck in a pattern of hopelessness. Low self-esteem issues
  • Anxiety and/or nervousness.  Sleepless or losing sleep. Thinking obsessively. Excessive worrying
  • Stressed out. Snapping at those who are closest. Feeling like you’re not yourself

The Gate’s counseling and therapy program is designed for people that are highly motivated and ready to accept responsibility for change.

All emotional discomfort is stressful in one way or another. Stress is what tells us that we need to do something differently. It is the alarm bell, the flashing warning light in our minds that gets us to pay attention. (Read more about how to use stress to your advantage.)

Successful clients appreciate a straight-ahead, honest perspective that is unbiased; they look for a counselor or therapist that has both warmth and a balance with pragmatic reality.

Mindfulness Based Counseling Austin Tx

  • Strength- and Mindfulness-Based
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Family, Couples and Marriage Counseling
  • Professional Training for LPC-Interns
  • Practicum Students

Meet the Therapy Dog, Buddy!

counseling austin tx

Having seen the tremendous therapeutic impact of canine-assisted therapy with issues ranging from general anxiety to PTSD, and the benefit to children in hospitals, among countless other blessings our loyal friends bring, I decided to train Buddy as a therapy dog! From time to time, I’ll have him in the office with us. If you have any allergies or fear of dogs, just let me know.

Counseling Austin Tx. We are centrally located, just minutes from both MoPac and 360 on Bee Caves Rd.


“It is each individual’s responsibility to decide whether or not to follow though on behaviors that help, rather than hurt, the change they are looking for.  I tell people that the counseling is what happens in my office, but that the deeper therapy is what happens outside of my office . . . in the real world, where it really counts.”