LPC-intern Supervision - State Board Approved

I am currently accepting applications from a limited number of LPC-Interns that show potential for success and ethical behavior in this demanding field. Interns receiving supervision from me will be responsible for their own client load either through an employer, or a private practice they are going to be practicing in. I will only have limited office availability for clients to be seen from my office.

My role as LPC-supervisor

I see my role as an LPC Supervisor both as a tremendous honor to be allowed into the deeply personal experience of your moving through this transition to independent practice, and as an opportunity to ensure the advancement and integrity of the profession.

What to expect from LPC-intern supervision

Finding a supervisor to help you begin your career in counseling is an important decision that you should consider carefully. Your relationship with your supervisor will help you deal with difficult cases you encounter, manage any counter-transference you may experience, and provide you with a third party who can help you explore various interventions and treatment modalities.

You will also learn how to translate your academic experience into real-life counseling situations, adapting your methods to fit your unique style and approach. Your practicum and field experience gave you a start in this direction; your postgraduate experience as an LPC intern will take that learning to the next level.

Many LPC interns find that their relationship with their supervisor sometimes takes on a therapeutic dynamic as they explore feelings of accomplishment and adventure contrasted with anxiety and uncertainty. Learning to manage these sorts of contrasting experiences is a critical step in your development as it helps you to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm.

Because this relationship is so important to your career, and to those you will be helping, we will look closely at our styles to make sure that you will get the most out of your supervision experience.

An initial interview will help us to determine if we are a good fit. Having prepared questions or comments are welcomed during this process. While demeanor and general attitude is very casual, our supervision experience is approached from a very professional, intuitive, and empirical perspective.

Who should apply?

I will be offering supervision for those who are planning to work in an organization, or in private practice with an existing office. While I will not be offering a formal internship with guaranteed clients and, I will make referrals as appropriate, and use of my office, when available, is included in your monthly fee. Some employers will agree to pay all or part of your supervision fees (if you are not sure, be sure to ask them). You should be able to write-off your supervision fee as a business expense, but check with a CPA or the IRS to be certain.

Rates for LPC-intern supervision

Rates for LPC-Intern supervision are $350/month. We will meet for at least 1 hour each week; half of your supervision time may be via group supervision, and this is included in your monthly fee. I also invite LPC-interns to sit in on sessions with me when clients give consent. As your skills and confidence develop, we will discuss you beginning to participate in the dialogue in these sessions, again, so long as the clients are comfortable with this (I will discuss all of this with potential clients available for observation before you ever meet them).

I look forward to providing this guidance to well-qualified and motivated LPC-Interns.

Jonathan F. Anderson, LPC-Supervisor