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The Champion, Survivor, and Miracle Mind

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There’s a simple parable that tells us that we all have a Black Wolf and a White Wolf that lives in our mind. The Black Wolf represents toxic thoughts and behaviors whereas the White Wolf represents healthy thoughts and behaviors. The wolf that sticks around is the one that you feed the most.

How & what to feed the White Wolf

It is the strong White Wolf that creates that champion, the survivor and the miraculous mind (Let’s call all of these the Miracle Mind). A strong Black Wolf creates the victim mentality.

To cultivate the Miracle Mind we simply need to practice attending to our healthy thoughts and behaviors. Here is a partial list of healthy practices that you can study to become your Miracle Mind:

  • Mindfulness meditation – Practicing mindfulness helps you notice what is healthy and what is not. By stripping away judgment of each moment, we are free to make decisions from a healthier perspective and thereby pick thoughts and behaviors that move us towards the miraculous mind. Mindfulness is the core of any healthy practice
  • Loving-kindness – Loving-kindness is the “practice of random acts of kindness and beauty.” When you are able to find the beauty in darkness, you keep a seed of hope alive. Remember that we must aim this loving-kindness at ourselves, too, not just at others. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that the pleasure center of the person performing an act of kindness shows more activity than the person receiving the kind act
  • Compassion –  Compassion is the highest form of love, and is one example of loving-kindness. Self-compassion is real and it is NOT selfish as it feeds us in a way that makes us more available to those that need us
  • Optimism – By practicing your ability to look for success, you are feeding your likelihood of achieving success; furthermore, when viewed through optimism, even failure holds optimistic lessons that help us succeed on our next attempt
  • Gratitude – Rather than only wishing for what you do not yet have, try practicing gratitude for the tools you already have that can move you closer to the things that you want and need
  • Resiliency – Related to optimism, resiliency is the ability to bounce back from pain and suffering. It is not the mistakes that lead to the pain or failure that matter so much; it is what you do in the aftermath that really counts. It helps define you as a champion with a miracle mind when you can make a mistake, apologize if necessary, then learn the lesson and move forward (vs remaining facing backward)
  • Integrity, dignity, ethics, morals, and values – The clearer you are on what is in line with your miraculous mind you will be better able to find thoughts and behaviors that bring you happiness and success
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