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What to Expect from Counseling & Therapy

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  • Confidentiality. Everything is private, except as required by law (child/elder abuse, abuse of the disabled, life-threatening danger, etc.)
  • Have conversations that gradually help us get to know and trust each other. Talk about what brought you in, and what your goals are
  • Assess your strengths and the struggles that you’re facing. Tie your solutions to strengths you already have
  • Learn and practice mindfulness to help you see clearly what is happening, and how to find relief
  • Learn to recognize, improvise, and successfully adapt to even complicated situations
  • Learn from the past by being mindful of the lessons it provides
  • Plan for the future by being mindful of goals and steps to accomplish them

A therapist should earn your trust

Finding the right professional counselor is important. You want to feel supported, but you also want to trust that your therapist won’t hesitate to challenge the thoughts and beliefs that contribute to your suffering. Not to worry, while I’m relaxed and casual in my approach, I will share the truth with you.

Honest, relaxed, fair

In Austin, we expect the very best when it comes to being healthy. This means that when it comes to counseling, we need to trust the people we turn to. To that end, I will not label you, judge you or shame you. Everything is strictly confidential. I do not accept insurance because they require diagnostic labels and sometimes ask for personal details about why you’re seeking help. You shouldn’t have to worry about details of your counseling being seen by strangers. Please get in touch with me if you have questions.

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