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How to be healthy

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Self-love leads you to health. It is a cornerstone of change. You are allowed to make things about yourself, particularly when looking to become more healthy. If you overlook yourself and focus exclusively on others, including how they perceive you, then you may miss some important nuggets of reality that could help you. You must treat yourself well in order to be healthy. Once you’ve done this, you can truly be available for those you care about.

I use the acronym M.E.E. to remind myself of a ‘me’ focus:
M = Meditate daily. 3-5 minutes in the morning & evening is a great start
E = Exercise 3+times/week, approximately 30-45 minutes each time
E = Eat Healthily. Talk to your doctor, nutritionist, or registered dietician for help

Use it for at least a month and see what changes happen in your life.

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