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How to Make a Great New Year

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Did you know that most New Year’s resolutions go unfulfilled after a few weeks? That’s because it’s just a resolution, not a lifestyle change. It is fine to start with a resolution, but leaving it there is like saying, “I’ll get it done tomorrow.” It is not active, it’s a passive comment, not a “doing” of much of anything in the here-and-now. Sure, you may do it for a few weeks as a “resolution,” but that’s not a commitment for most people, and when the resolve wears off, we find ourselves back on the sofa with potato chips and Dr. Pepper.

Our favorite short green Jedi, Yoda, famously said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” I suppose that’s the essence of making a great new year happen . . . it’s actively doing something different vs planning/resolving to do something different.

So start right now. In THIS moment. The momentum will help you repeat the healthy behavior.


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