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Living Life vs Living Death

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When you are simply living life as a way to avoid death, then you are living your death, not your life. That can become a chronic condition at a very deep unconscious level. As a matter of fact, it is well-accepted in many schools of thought that most of our anxieties are somehow rooted in a basic, primal fear of death, or of the process of dying. This is an existential approach to suffering, and with a mindfulness practice, you can move towards relief. When it’s broken down, the simplest explanation of this is a fear of the unknown. Living life means courageously moving into the adventure of discovering the unknown.

Living life: Live to live!

When you live life to experience each moment to its fullest, then you are living life. If you are already reading this blog, then this will likely not be a surprise, but through living life (vs avoiding death–ie living death) you actually put your body in a healthier chemical state because you are not engaging the fear reflexes that release toxins into your body.

Think about it, then go play Frisbee.

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