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Power Decisions

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Think of a time when you made a good decision that changed your day, your week, even your life. How did you know it was the right decision to go with? Chances are, even if there was contemplation involved, something just clicked. You intuitively knew it was a good thing. You were likely using the Wise-mind, a balanced combination of both the Thinking and Feeling minds.

A consistent mindfulness practice rewires your brain to look for these powerful decisions, and to take advantage of them.

Conversely, when we are on the other end of the continuum and are not in a balanced, mindful state, we are more likely to make errors in our decisions. And the problematic results can be powerfully life-changing as well. . . a decision to drink and drive, a decision to cheat, an impulsive auto or jewelry purchase, etc.

Fortunately, even if we make these kinds of less healthy power decisions (and all of us do, and will again), we can use mindfulness and the Wise-Mind to restore balance and adapt to the circumstances that resulted. On the other hand, the Wise-Mind and mindfulness help us make the most of those wonderful power decisions that we all make. . . we can learn from them so that we can repeat them and stay in the happier, healthier places for much longer, and pull out of darker times more effectively.

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