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Power and weakness are probably not what you think, so let’s look deeper into them. Using Mindfulness based techniques we explore the meaning of power as it relates to your authentic self. This means that you make confident decisions, you ask for help without feeling weak, and show confidence in anxiety provoking situations like a board room or a first date.

I am not referring to the ego based Power Monger mentality here. Power in its healthy state is about combining strength & wisdom with mindfulness. Knowing when to stand your ground and defend yourself, and knowing when it’s best to wisely surrender (like giving your wallet over if you have a gun pointed at you).

Consider the following story:

Two people are trying to survive a trip across the desert–each has 2 broken legs. One person is of the mindset that asking for or accepting help is a weakness. . .the other person, while not liking to be in a position to ask for help, is willing to ask for and accept it. A caravan of people happens upon our 2 travelers and offers free passage and medical care; our first traveler rather loudly shouts that he is strong enough to do this on his own and refuses their help. . . our other traveler humbly accepts the help (despite his twinge of feeling weak). The traveler who accepted the help survives the trip and lives a happy life, eventually repaying the caravan’s generosity; the other dies alone in the desert. Ask yourself, “Who is stronger and smarter? The one who allowed himself to be weak during a time of weakness, and is now alive and happy? or the one that did not allow himself to show weakness and is now dead and alone.”

If you believe that dead and alone is a better option, then we need to talk for reasons outside of this post!

Using crutches isn’t a weakness if you have a broken leg!

Far too many people try to walk around on an emotional “broken leg” and refuse to use the emotional support that is available to them. Power is strength PLUS wisdom, and is wielded with mindfulness. To me, this means being strong enough to allow weakness when it happens, and wise enough to ask for and accept help. There are plenty of people who are so strong (vs powerful) that they deny their needs in order to feed their ego (our dead and alone traveler).

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