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Value yourself, not your valuables

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Self-worth has nothing to do with your financial or material worth.

When you value yourself based on your possessions, you’re disowning your most important self in exchange for your belongings. Having lots of money and/or lots of valuable things is fine; it’s mixing up your sense of worth with those valuables that become problematic.

A more accurate translation of the saying, “Money is the root of all evil” is, “Attachment to material goods is the root of all suffering” or even more simply put, “Attachment causes suffering.” When you are attached to something, then if it breaks or is gone, you’ll suffer. Far too many people go even further though, they actually begin to identify with their belongings to the point that if they lose those things, they feel less alive. This is unfortunate, and can be unlearned. Again, having that $15,000 guitar is fine. Enjoy it!! Just remember that the essence of who you are (the person/soul who enjoys that guitar) doesn’t need that guitar to be happy.

Most of us have met people who had far less than us but were truly happier.

“He is rich who has enough.” There are a thousand sayings like this, and they’re all true.

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