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Without Movement, There’s No Momentum

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Think about a spinning ceiling fan. When you turn off the fan, does it just stop? Probably not . . . it has momentum and continues to spin until that momentum is exhausted. In the same way that some negative emotional experiences take time to unwind after the negative event, being able to move forward with greater ease sometimes requires momentum. Let’s look at a common example: Exercise

From “I just CAN’T get to the gym!” to “Oh look, I’m at the gym again!”

When we talk about healthy lifestyle habits, like exercise, we can understand these as healthy habits (repeated routines) that seem to continue on their own power–that’s the momentum I’m referring to. It’s the power of positive habits!

People that struggle with getting into the gym can relate to this: How difficult is it to start a new exercise routine? How many times do you rationalize or justify not going to the gym? How often do you procrastinate by telling yourself that you’ll go tomorrow? Those that struggle with this know exactly what I am talking about. That’s negative momentum from unhealthy habits.

Now consider when you have been successful at getting to the gym on a regular basis. Notice how much easier it is to go exercise even if you don’t really feel like it. THAT is the benefit of building momentum. It can help you coast through those tough times when you don’t feel like messing with something that you rationally understand needs to happen.

Replace exercise with pretty much anything you want to accomplish. Any light bulbs going on for you?

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