About Gate Healing & Jonathan F. Anderson, LPC-s

Counseling Austin Jonathan F. Anderson, LPC-s

Outside of his career, Jonathan is an avid musician and enjoys practicing Qigong and T’ai Chi along with other internal arts. He studies current neuroscience, philosophy/spirituality, eastern wisdom, and empirical research (like the neuroscience of meditation).

Jonathan’s career providing professional counseling as well as management and personal consultation for thousands of customers over the past 20+ years has prepared him to help people as they explore ways to find balance in their lives. He provides his counseling, therapy, and consultation in a manner that is applicable to real-life situations (i.e.even metaphysical discussions are always brought back to real-life, even scientific, applications to your life).

He earned his Master’s degree in 1997 at the University of Minnesota, where the Counseling Psychology program has repeatedly achieved recognition as one of the top five counseling graduate programs in the nation (US News and World Report). He is currently in private practice on Bee Caves Rd, near Walsh Tarlton (3355 Bee Caves, #505, Austin, Tx 78746).

Jonathan has a particular interest in working with families, spiritual & existential concerns (meaning of life/death, for example), grief, and internal life-skills. He has an ability to create symbolic scenarios and metaphors that help people understand their own life from external and internal vantage points. The Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors recognizes Jonathan as a Licensed Professional Counselor and as a Board Approved Supervisor of LPC-interns. He is also trained by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation as an Advanced Critical Incident Stress Management & Debriefing professional.

Solution-oriented training

While working at an international Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Jonathan had the good fortune of receiving in-person training, clinical case consultations, and live supervision in the Solution-Focused/Brief-Therapy model by several of its pioneers and highest teachers, including:

  • Insoo Kim-Berg
  • Scott Miller, PhD
  • Barry Duncan, PhD

These teachers were extremely important in shaping his approach to effective psychotherapy. He learned to assume that people already have the tools for success and happiness; and that his job as a therapist is simply to help you uncover them and apply them in new and creative ways. It’s a strengths-based approach that fosters adaptation to your reality by using your inherent strengths.

LPC Supervisor

An LPC Supervisor, Jonathan provides supervision to well-qualified professionals who are highly motivated to succeed and behave in an ethical manner that provides effective results. He sees his role as an LPC Supervisor both as a tremendous honor to be allowed into the deeply personal experience of an intern moving through their transition to independent practice, and as an opportunity to contribute to the integrity of the profession.

Management Consultant – Trauma Specialist

For 7 years, Jonathan provided high-level management consulting to Fortune 500 companies, along with Just-In-Time supervisor coaching through an international EAP organization. As a part of this organizational support, he traveled nationwide to provide trauma counseling for companies experiencing major trauma (hostage incidents, murder/ suicide, accidental workplace death, etc.). He continues this work in his current practice and considers it a significant benefit that employers provide to their employees.

Teacher, Facilitator, Writer

Teaching small groups up to large conferences is a particularly enjoyable part of his career. He has developed and facilitated professional and public education on issues including communication, stress, parenting, anger management, chemical addiction, meditation, professional ethics and cultural diversity.

Writing for Baba Ram Dass

After having met with him on several occasions, Jonathan was selected by spiritual teacher Ram Dass in 2010 to be one of 7 people in the country to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of his classic book, Be Here Now, and the release of his next book, Be Love Now.  Jonathan and the other 6 writers worked their way through the 108 “brown pages” of Be Here Now and shared their experiences and thoughts on the Ram Dass Now blog. He used the opportunity to express appreciation for meditation and exploration of consciousness, and to express his honest doubts about some of the more fantastical tales often shared in classic spiritual texts. Jonathan works to maintain this balance of healthy skepticism and science, with an open mind and acknowledgment of the known, the unknown (but knowable), and the unknowable.