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Virtual Therapy

Safe, Convenient, and Effective Counseling

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Safe, Effective & Experienced

At Gate Healing, PLLC, we prioritize both your safety and convenience, especially during these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer teletherapy and video counseling as secure and accessible options for receiving essential emotional support while ensuring your health and well-being.Jonathan F. Anderson, LPC, LCMHC specializes in telephone and video counseling, as well as crisis response. With over 20 years of expertise in telephone counseling, including Fortune 500 companies, Jonathan has honed the skills to provide exceptional care and understanding, even in the absence of visual cues. In the mid 1990’s he re-wrote counseling manuals used by international EAP and insurance providers to include how to provide effective virtual therapy.

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Convenience in Therapy

Our telephone and video sessions are designed to create a safe and confidential space where you can openly express yourself. With encrypted platforms and strict privacy protocols, you can rest assured that your personal information and conversations remain secure throughout the counseling process.

We understand that convenience is crucial in maintaining your mental well-being amidst busy schedules and physical limitations. With teletherapy and video counseling, you have the flexibility to attend sessions from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for travel or commuting. This convenience allows you to prioritize self-care and make therapy a seamless part of your routine.

Key Points:

  1. Safety Measures:

    Your safety is of utmost importance to us. Our teletherapy and video counseling services are conducted using secure and encrypted platforms, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of your sessions.

  2. Expertise in Non-Visual Communication:

    Jonathan F. Anderson’s extensive experience in telephone counseling enables him to understand and empathize with clients through tone of voice, breathing patterns, and other non-visual cues. You can trust his expertise to provide effective support. For people that prefer a visual experience without having to travel to Jonathan’s office, video therapy is a safe and effective option.

  3. Convenient Access:

    We recognize the importance of convenience in accessing therapy services. With teletherapy and video counseling, you can schedule sessions that fit your availability, eliminating the need for travel time and allowing you to integrate therapy seamlessly into your life.

  4. Personalized Care:

    Our therapists provide attentive and personalized care, adapting to your unique needs and emotions. Despite the physical distance, you will receive the same level of support as in traditional face-to-face sessions.

  5. Overcoming Barriers:

    Teletherapy and video counseling overcome barriers such as distance, mobility limitations, and transportation challenges. You can receive quality care regardless of your location, ensuring that you have access to the support you need.

Gate Healing, PLLC is dedicated to providing safe, convenient, and effective virtual therapy options. Our teletherapy and video counseling services prioritize both your safety and convenience, enabling you to receive the necessary emotional support without compromising your well-being. With Jonathan F. Anderson’s expertise in non-visual communication, you can trust in the effectiveness of telephone sessions when video counseling is not an option. Experience the flexibility and accessibility of virtual therapy, and overcome barriers to care while receiving personalized support from our qualified therapists. Your well-being is our priority, and we are here to guide you on your path toward healing and growth.

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