Counseling Austin

Gate Healing, PLLC provides high-quality adult, teen, and family counseling services in Austin, Tx. I help you learn how to deal with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, and trauma using a Mindfulness-based Cognitive-Behavioral treatment approach.

Mindfulness-based Counseling

I use Mindfulness-based Cognitive-Behavioral therapy to treat individuals and couples by teaching how to recognize and self-correct negative thoughts. When you see your negative thought-patterns changing, you’ll notice stress decreasing as your enjoyment of life increases.

How we can help you

Mindfulness-based therapy is about having a conversation and learning that you are capable of making changes that reduce stress, increase confidence, and improve your overall lifestyle. Whether it is couples counseling or individual, you’re free to just be yourself. Request an appointment.

Individual Counseling

I offer adults and teens a safe place to work through the challenges that life presents. Our work can focus on a range of topics including anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, grief, trauma/PTSD, parenting, and any other life issues you may need to discuss. Rest assured that our time will not be used to lecture you or attach diagnostic labels. Instead, our counseling time is designed to be a conversation that offers support and guidance.

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Gottman Method Couples Counseling

The Gottman Method of couples counseling includes a thorough assessment that helps inform precisely where we need to work to improve your relationship stress. Using this assessment along with an initial 90-minute couples session, we will build a treatment plan that is customized to your specific personalities, histories, and circumstances.

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Depression Counseling

Treating depression means helping you learn how to recognize depressive symptoms so that you can build effective coping strategies that help you feel better. These strategies involve mindfulness training, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness (the 4 treatment areas of Dialectical Behavior Therapy).

Anxiety Counseling

Like depression, anxiety treatment involves components of mindfulness training, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. Specific breathing exercises and changing internal self-talk create changes in thinking that help you feel less anxious and more enjoy your life again.

Stress Management

Stress management teaches you how to leverage stress rather than be controlled by it. Counseling provides a unique opportunity to look at your life and re-define how you respond to stressors like work/life balance, financial concerns, family stress and health issues.

Crisis & Trauma Counseling

Trauma has mental, emotional and physical consequences. Post Traumatic Stress is a set of symptoms in these areas that are very common, however, each individual will have different specific traumatic stress symptoms. Effective Trauma & Crisis Counseling addresses each of these areas in a manner that is effective and does not involve re-living the trauma itself.

Counseling Austin Jonathan F. Anderson, LPC-s

Jonathan F. Anderson, LPC-s

Jonathan has been working in the helping profession since he started college in 1990. After completing his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas in 1994, he attended the highly-regarded University of Minnesota to earn his Master’s degree in 1997. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is recognized as a Board Approved Supervisor by the State of Texas Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. Jonathan is a Gottman-trained Couples Counselor, and in 1998 received training by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation in Advanced Critical Incident Stress Management & Debriefing.

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Counseling Austin Therapy Dog

Buddy, the Therapy Dog

This picture really captures him (when he’s awake): Present, intelligent and a show-off. Buddy brings a warmth to my office only a dog can provide! Plus, he’s a great listener . . . I mean, look at those ears!

Buddy is a regular presence in my office. He helps people feel at ease. He is quite intuitive, does not bark, and enjoys playing at Zilker Park. If he is not in “work” mode, he will likely come say hello, then go to sleep beside me. Sometimes, you’ll find him looking out the window in the waiting room; or sleeping in front of it. Feel free to give him a scratch, he’s super friendly! But, please don’t give him treats since by the end of the day he may have no appetite for his dinner!