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  • Counseling Austin
  • Family Counseling

    Holiday blues are real, but they can be managed.

  • Mindfulness based counseling

    Being at ease is a benefit of a mindfulness practice.

  • Confidence

    Confidence is built on your experience and courage, not from what others think of you.

  • Mindfulness counseling

    You may remember the simple enjoyment of childhood. And you'll probably want to bring that back.

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My job is to listen, support, and help you create solutions and adaptations that help you get the life you want.

Counseling Austin & Westlake Hills
3355 Bee Caves Rd, #505
Austin, Tx 78746
(512) 771-7621

Professional Counseling Austin

Gate Healing provides high-quality adult, teen, and family counseling services in Austin, Tx.  We help you learn how to deal with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, and trauma using a Mindfulness-based Cognitive-Behavioral approach.

Gate Healing offers results-oriented, mindfulness-based counseling in Austin, Tx.

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Mindfulness-based Counseling

Mindfulness-based Cognitive-Behavioral therapy teaches you how to recognize and self-correct negative thoughts. When you see your thought-habits changing, you’ll notice your life improving as well. It’s as Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Change your thoughts, change your life.” By finding this website, you’ve already begun your positive change. Please contact me to take the next step.

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Get started with counseling

Starting therapy can be a bit unsettling, and many people worry about being labeled and lectured. That’s not how I work. For me, mindfulness-based therapy is about having a conversation and learning that you are capable of making changes that reduce stress, increase confidence, and improve your overall lifestyle. You’re free to just be yourself. Request an appointment. verification seal - counseling Austin

Mindfulness based Counseling Services

Couples Counseling

Gottman Approved MemberMindfulness-based couples counseling helps you and your partner examine your assumptions, improve communication, and learn how to recognize and respond to warning signs that you need to slow down and understand each other better.

Let’s look at two types of relationship problems: Content and Process. Content includes the topics we argue about: Money, intimacy, and parenting are the top three. “Process” is how we go about resolving the content. In my experience, the most common process conflict is when both people are correct from their own perspective. Understanding where your partner is coming from does not mean that you agree with them, but it motivates them to understand your side in return.

How to improve relationships

Anxiety Counseling

Man worried resting his head on his hands

By definition, anxiety is nerve-wracking; it is a heightened state of awareness that is designed to help you pay attention so that you can take care of any potential dangers. Trouble is, sometimes we get this anxiety reaction when there is not an actual threat. In the most extreme, this is called a panic attack. Rest assured, mindfulness-based counseling will help you find what will work best for your unique personality and circumstances.

I work with adults and teens that are ready to change by taking ownership of their lives by cultivating mindfulness and follow through. Taking mindful control of your life reduces anxiety, builds confidence, and ultimately relieves stress.

Learn about psychotherapy for anxiety

Family Counseling

family being silly - counseling austin therapyBecause I am committed to helping your whole family, I provide family therapy for families with children ages 14 and up. I also offer co-parenting support for divorced parents who want the best outcome for their kids.

While I do not offer play therapy, I do have a great deal of experience with younger kids and can refer you to many wonderful play therapists who can meet their needs.

A healthy family helps everybody feel less stressed since they have a safe place to unwind, get support and find enjoyment.

Let us help restore your family’s balance.

Crisis Counseling

house submerged in flood waters

Since 1998, I have responded to well over 350 onsite and telephonic Critical Incidents. These have ranged from traumatic death to natural disasters and terrorism. On-site trauma response services can be at your office or home.

You may be wondering if you are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) if you’ve been through a traumatic event (PTSD is often NOT a disorder, but a temporary coping mechanism called Post-Traumatic Stress, or PTS); many people compare what they have been through to a soldier returning from battle, or somebody that survived 9-11. It is important to understand that PTSD is not just reserved for catastrophic trauma, but it can manifest after losing a job, a relationship breakup, a car accident, etc. If you aren’t sure if you need trauma counseling, please get in touch, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Mindfulness-based trauma recovery does not focus on re-living the trauma; we cultivate mindfulness to move our lives forward.

Dealing with trauma

Depression Counseling

man looking down depressed

Depression can accurately be described as a nasty magnifying glass that magnifies the worst and minimizes the best. Those who have not dealt with it may have a tough time understanding it, thereby isolating loved ones with depression further. Imagine living in a thick fog where it is difficult to find the motivation to do the things would likely help or trying to run in molasses while struggling to breathe.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to get some help for depression. Mindfulness-based counseling will help you learn your patterns so that you can change them. Cultivating a mindfulness practice helps you spot the warning signs that a depression may be looming so you can prevent it. Reaching out for depression help can be tough, but since you’re already here, do it anyway. Just email me, or call me (512-771-7621). Doing so is a huge step that you will feel better about as soon as you do it. I’ll answer any questions you may have and will give you some pointers to help you cope.

Take your life back from depression

Buddy: The therapy dog

Therapy & counseling assistance dog Buddy

Buddy the Therapy Dog

This picture really captures him (when he’s awake): Present, intelligent and a show-off. Buddy brings a warmth to my office only a dog can provide!

Buddy is a regular presence in my office. He helps people feel at ease. He is quite intuitive, does not bark, and enjoys playing at Zilker Park.  If he is not in “work” mode, he will likely come say hello, then go to sleep beside me. Sometimes, you’ll find him looking out the window in the waiting room; or sleeping in front of it. Feel free to give him a scratch, he’s super friendly! But, please don’t give him treats since by the end of the day he may have no appetite for his dinner!

I trained Buddy in the intensive Therapy Dog program at the local non-profit Austin Dog Alliance. While I do not take him to nursing homes and hospitals, his intuitive nature makes him a perfect fit as an emotional-support animal in my practice.

If you want to be sure that Buddy is present in our sessions, please contact me and I’ll do my best to have him there for you. If you are allergic to dogs, please be aware that even if he is not here, some of his fur still is. Leather chairs help keep fur from where you sit.