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In the Flow Groove Zone

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Flow Theory is an integral part of Positive Psychology. It refers to a zone where you lose track of time, experience yourself on “auto-pilot,” etc. We’ve all been there, and we can recreate it!

When you’re “in the zone,” or “feeling the groove,” or just “flowing,” you are in a state of balance between traits like skill and challenge. When these traits are balanced, you feel like you’re on autopilot, though fully present with what you are doing. You may even feel a sense of timelessness where you start doing something and are enjoying it so much that when you look up, hours have passed; yet it only seems like minutes. We can harness this. Learn more about this flow zone.

Mihály Csíkszentmihályi is a renown psychologist at the University of Chicago and is responsible for a way of approaching psychology involving “Flow Theory” which uses tenants of Positive Psychology as its foundation.

If you’ve ever been “In the Zone” while playing a sport, for example, or “In the Groove” while playing an instrument, or “In the Flow” while dancing or practicing Tai Chi, then you have experienced the almost timeless experience of Flow Theory. As its name suggests, it refers to a balance of qualities that leads us to feel at our very best, in a natural state of enjoyment, with seemingly minimal effort, even if great focus and ‘effort’ is required.

Flow and balanced traits

Challenge and Skills

counseling-austin-flowWhat we see here is the relationship of 2 variables, in this case, Challenge and Skill. Too much challenge with not enough skill leads to anxiety/stress, whereas too much skill with not enough challenge leads to boredom. But in a happy medium, we experience “Flow.”




The 2 variables can be replaced with a variety of traits that when balanced lead to different flow-like experiences.

It’s really about enjoyment

Regardless of the balanced traits, most people report that they are absolutely enjoying themselves when in the flow/zone/groove state. When you apply Flow Theory to whatever part of your life that brought you to this website, you can see the value in the simple approach of finding what areas/traits are needing some balance.

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