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Maybe the Squeaky Wheel Shouldn’t Get the Grease

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We’ve all heard that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. It’s a saying that refers to our tendency to pay attention to things that are not going so well. The grease is our attention. And while it can be good advice, it’s not always the way to go. Sometimes we pay too much attention to the squeaking at the expense of all the wheels and gears that are working well. It is often equally important to provide preventative maintenance on the smooth wheels to keep them from starting to squeak.

In a healthy marriage, there are plenty of squeaks. It is the smooth running wheels and gears that can counterbalance the squeaks, so we need to pay attention to those as well. The challenge is to determine which squeaks are deal-breakers and which are just annoying, but not destructive to the whole machine.

So, grease those squeaky wheels, but don’t forget to take care of those quiet wheels lest they become noisy.

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