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Depression can make life feel overwhelming and unmanageable. But, there are ways to manage and overcome it. From exercise and self-care to therapy and medication, there are many options available. Browse our articles for tips on how to improve your mood and take control of your mental health.

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Grief: It’s not just about death

Understanding the Many Faces of Grief: Beyond Loss and Death When we talk about grief, our minds often go to the loss of a loved one. However, it's essential to realize that grief can take various forms. Regardless of the circumstances, grief…
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Help! Teenage Depression!

Understanding Your Teenager’s Emotional Struggles Most parents understand teenage angst: the sometimes obnoxious independence and defiance, even seemingly random outbursts of anger and frustration over minor annoyances (which, well, are minor…
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Anticipatory Grief (pre-grief)

Anticipatory grief, or pre-grief, happens when we know when in advance that we are going to lose something or someone that we care about. It may be due to terminal illness of a loved one, an impending job loss, the loss of a relationship or…


Depression has been described as a dark cloud that just doesn't go away. It has also been described as a deep, dark, suffocating reality that seems to have no relief in sight. Even things that you know would help seem unattainable. If you are here, please let me help.
grieving statue at cemetary


Feeling depressed because of a recent loss (of life, a relationship, job, way of living, etc.)? Does your grief feel unmanageable or like it will never go away? Are you pulling away from people that are trying to help? Do you feel…
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